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What Is Involved in the Staining Process?

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If you are curious about how exactly we have been able to achieve amazing results with our concrete staining services, you have come to the right place! Concrete is very porous, and because of this, it is very receptive to stain coloring. It is also much less expensive in comparison to carpet or tile. That is why Intelli-Crete Solutions, Inc. of Tampa promotes concrete staining and polishing as a low-cost alternative to other types of flooring choices.


How does the process work?


The concrete that we stain has been treated with densifiers, which helps increase the surface density of the concrete. This is what also makes polished concrete so durable. We then use diamond grinding technology on the concrete to resurface and smoothen it. After that, we stain the concrete with your desired pattern and color scheme, finally finishing it off with a polish to add that eye-catching sheen.



You can enjoy the following benefits from our concrete staining and polishing services:


•   Smooth, attractive finish


  •  No reapplication needed


  •  Odorless, non-flammable, non-toxic


  •  Abrasion resistance


Another plus about the process is that it is completely environmentally friendly. You reduce any chances of inhaling concrete dust, which contains silica, a very hazardous material. Polished concrete is also resistant to mold growth, which can exacerbate problems for those who are allergic. Furthermore, no waxes or topical coatings are used. That means there are no toxic or poisonous materials to cause harm!

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We provide the best service possible through every step of the process. All of our staff members are licensed, bonded, and insured. Our Tampa concrete staining team is always available to you if you have any further questions or need additional advice about caring for your floor, even after we have completed work on your project.


If you are tired of plain concrete or damaged flooring and are ready to enjoy a more attractive and durable option, be sure to give Intelli-Clean Solutions, Inc. a call today. Don’t forget to ask for your free estimate!


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