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Concrete Staining for Medical Centers

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When it comes to keeping your medical facilities clean, one of the hardest parts is the flooring. While many other materials require continual upkeep and maintenance, Texas Concrete Polishing offers a unique solution that will cure all your flooring woes!



Our stained and polished concrete options are a low-cost way for you to transform your Houston medical center or doctors’ office into a brand new facility. Whether you are looking for beautiful polished concrete, a distinct stain, or an epoxy coating, our team can do it all.


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At Texas Concrete Polishing we understand how important it is to keep your medical facility feeling sterilized and hygienic. You need your center to evoke a clean, modern, and sleek look that provides patients and visitors peace of mind and confidence. With our established reputation for quality installation and work, you won’t be disappointed when you come to us for your flooring needs!


We can provide concrete staining, polish, and other options for:

Surgical centers
Dentist and doctors’ offices
Emergency rooms
Any other healthcare facility


  Why should you choose to go with our flooring options? We use state-of-the-art diamond grinding technology for stone restoration and resurfacing and our polished concrete is stronger and more durable than almost all other flooring options. Not only that, but it uses a permanent finish that won’t call for any reapplications. We also guarantee that there won’t be any cracking or peeling due to moisture!

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With low maintenance requirements, a customizable finish, and a completely “green” system, what better flooring option can you find in Houston? We are even available to provide restoration and repairs to ensure that your concrete flooring looks as polished and professional as it did on the first day we installed it. We proudly serve clients in Houston , San Antonio, Austin, Dallas Fort Worth and Corpus Christi.


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