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Gym Concrete Flooring Need a beautiful gym floor at a low cost?

Try Commercial Concrete Staining Services In Houston


Whether you are renovating an existing gym or opening a new one, finding the right kind of flooring is an important task. You can choose plainconcrete, but the look of it is uninspiring and can be a little too rough for activities. Wood floors, carpet, and tile can all be costly to install and require periodic maintenance.


Commercial concrete staining, on the other hand, offers you an inexpensive way to improve the look of your gym and provide strong support for weights, exercise machines, sports games, or other heavy workout equipment.


What are the benefits of concrete staining?


Our Houston Concrete Staining and Polishing Services create a marble-like effect, which looks and feels very similar to stone flooring, making the floor shiny and smooth, and easy to clean. This offers up to 400% abrasion resistance, which means that it is sturdy enough to withstand consequences from impact like chipping, scraping, and scratches.


Gym Floor Staining & Polishing

Here are some other advantages to concrete staining:


Permanent finish
Low maintenance
Does not trap moisture
Odorless, non-flammable, and non-toxic


Because concrete staining and polishing gives the concrete room to breathe and does not trap moisture, it prevents the gym flooring from cracking and causing potential safety hazards and expensive repairs.


Concrete staining provides a much more pleasing aesthetic appeal as well. We can install any design, color, and finish of your choosing. Best of all, you do not need to keep reapplying the finish! You can see why concrete staining and polishing is the most cost-effective choice for your long-term goals.

Why call Texas Concrete Polishing in Houston?


We have been in service since 1997 as a Concrete Staining Company, providing affordable flooring alternatives for home owners, business owners, and contractors alike. Flooring is an important investment, and it is our hope that we can help those we serve understand why concrete staining has such a large advantage over other types of flooring options.


If you have additional questions about the benefits of concrete staining, feel free to contact our Tampa office or request a free estimate!



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